Bob Van Breda

Pencil Me In!

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Blocks by Bob van Breda

Nickel Plated Bronze

Candles by Bob van Breda
Nickel Plated Bronze
Coil I by Bob van Breda
Coil I
Chrome plated forged steel
Glass, Rusted Tin and Nickel Plated Bronze
Mouse Trap by Bob van Breda
Mouse Trap
24k Gold Plated Bronze, Wood, Metal and Cellophane
One Cent by Bob van Breda

One Cent
Nickel Plated Copper

Rat Trap
24K Gold Plated Bronze and Cellophane
24 K Gold Plated, Nickel Plated and Pitina Bronze
Spigot by Bob van Breda
Chrome Plated Brass

For pricing and availability, please email Noah Lang or call 415 626 5496