Electric Works is no longer pursuing regular gallery programming. We will continue to contribute to the Bay Area's important visual arts scene through multiple and printmaking activities. We will also be putting on shows and otherwise engaging in curatorial activities, just not on a regular basis.

We had a great time and owe a big debt of thanks to all the artists, collectors, curators, writers and — really — everyone who makes the art scene in San Francisco so great.



Past Exhibitions



Dave Schubert
Recent Work
November 1—December 13, 2013

September 6—October 19, 2013

Robert Minervini
After Glow: As the Wick Burns
May 10—June 29

Scott Serrano
Amber Stucke
March 22 – May 4

Ann Diener
February 15—March 16

Elaine Buckholtz
Tuning for the Edge of the Line
January 11— February 10, 2013

David Tomb
Grand Birds of the Philippines
October 12 — November 10, 2012

Lucy Puls
Geometria Concretus
September 7—October 6


January 13—February 18, 2012
Katherine Westerhout
At Long Last
Project Room: Jim Haynes


December 3 2011—January 3, 2012
McSweeney's McMullens
Drawings from Children's Book, plus 1032 Illustrated Lunch Bags and other surprises

October 21—November 23, 2011
Hughen / Starkweather
Approach, Transition, Touchdown:
The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge Project

Project Room: Andy Vogt

September 9—October 15, 2011
Iva Gueorguieva and Julie Weitz
Vertical Hold

July 8—August 27, 2011
Elaine Buckholtz
Light Making Motion: Works on Paper
and in Light

May 13—June 24, 2011
Bob Van Breda
Pencil Me In!

April 1 — May 7, 2011
Bryant Austin: In the Eye of the Whale
Chris Jordan: Whale, 2011 and Message from Midway

February 18—March 26, 2011
Candace Gaudiani: Proscenium
Scott Kildall: Future Memories

January 3—February 12, 2011
Geoff Chadsey shift, return
Sandra Ono: Homeostasis



December 3—23rd, 2010
Stella Luminosa: A Group Show featuring: Dave Eggers, Matt Furie, Ian Huebert, Jason Jägel, Keegan McHargue, Clare Rojas, and Gina Tuzzi


October 22 — November 26, 2010
Lucy Puls  Repossessed: Brief Madness
Talia Green "Colony"


September 17 — October 16, 2010
Ana Teresa Fernandez  "Ablution"
Elaine Buckholtz "Left to Swoon"


July 16—August 21, 2010
Dave Eggers   "It Is Right to Draw Their Fur."
David Byrne   "Arboretum"


June 4—July 10, 2010
Daniel Nicoletta   "More Glitter—Less Bitter"
Daniel Peddle   "Backstage"


April 16—May 29, 2010
David Tomb   "Borderland Birds / Aves Fronterizas"   
William T. Wiley   "A Seek Wince of Evince"

March 5—April 10, 2010
Harry Clewans, Jeremiah Maddock and Dave Schubert


January 16—February 27, 2010
Katherine Westerhout   "Rust Belt"
Jim Haynes   "Another Short History of Decay"




November 13, 2009—January 9, 2010
Paul Madonna   "Album 01: In What Era Will You Get Stuck?"
Ian Huebert   "Drawing from the Plains"

September 11—November 7, 2009
Nathan Redwood   "On a Neck"
Robyn O'Neil   "There comes a time when laughs become sighs; we put all to rest, we said our goodbyes."

August 27 - September 5, 2009
Brandon Norris   "A Sobering Affect"


July 10 - August 22, 2009
"The Cresting Wave: Comix from the San Francisco Underground"
Mark Bode, Vaughn Bode, Guy Colwell, R. Crumb, Jay Kinney, Paul Mavrides, Dan O'Neill, Trina Robbins, Spain Rodriguez, Gilbert Shelton, Larry Todd, S. Clay Wilson and others


May 7—July 2, 2009
Enrique Chagoya "2012: Super-Bato Saves the World"

March 6—April 18, 2009
Judy North
"Why Not Say It?"

January 9—February 14, 2009
Hughen/Starkweather "The Airport Project"



December 5, 2008—January 3, 2009
"Eclectic Works: Recent Prints and Then Some"
Featuring work by Marcel Dzama, Ian Huebert, Scott Kildall and Victoria Scott, Jeremiah Maddock, Paul Madonna, Lordy Rodriguez, j.otto Seibold, Josephine Taylor, and Bob van Breda

October 24—November 26, 2008
Michelle Blade, Ana Teresa Fernández, Julie Rofman

September 12—October 18, 2008
Jason Jägel "73 Funshine"

May 16—July 3, 2008
William Wiley
"Punball: Only One Earth"

April 4—May 10, 2008
Iva Gueorguieva
"School of the Adjusted Plan"

February 22—March 22, 2008

David Tomb
"Birds of the Sierra Madre"

January 11—February 16, 2008
Katherine Westerhout

November 30, 2007—January 5, 2008
Civil Twilight: Featuring work by Michelle Blade, Iva Gueorguieva, Amanda Hughen, Jason Jägel, Jeremiah Maddock, Paul Madonna, Christina Mazza, Heidi McDowell, Michele Pred, Nathan Redwood, Julie Rofman, Travis Somerville, David Tomb, and Katherine Westerhout



October 19—November 21, 2007
Nathan Redwood
Recent Works

September 7—October 13, 2007
Ronald Davis
"Five Decades: Past and Present"

July 19—August 18, 2007
Paul Madonna
Out of the Grapevine

June 29—July 14, 2007
Amanda Hughen and Jennifer Starkweather
Between above and below

May 11—June 23, 2007
Tucker Nichols and Katherine Sherwood
New Prints