Multiples at Electric Works

When we began printmaking in 1981 we have been focusing on two elements of the art: technique and content. Generally working with the artists we do, the content comes easily—it is one of the joys of working with people who are masters of strong visual content. Technique is hardwon, but we've found that it is often in taking those pains that the projects really come alive. With each of our printmaking projects we have attempted to reinvent just what a print is. Bringing hundreds of years of calcified printmaking knowledge knowledge into a contemporary arts context has been a challange. We love the old techniques, but embrace the new ones as well all in the name of making the most ambitious projects possible.

Here is a short list of some of our major multiple creations.

Punball Only One Earth by William T. Wiley

William T. Wiley
Punball: Only One Earth
, 2008
Rebuilt and restored pinball machine with original artwork
Edition of 5
Dimensions: 70" x 26" x 56"

2012: Super-Bato Saves the World by Enrique Chagoya

Enrique Chagoya
2012: Super-Bato Saves the World
, 2009
Customized slot machine, coins and payout cups
Edition of 8
Dimensions: 68" x 21" x 27"



Pyramid Scheme by Enrique Chagoya

Enrique Chagoya
Pyramid Scheme
, 2009
Archival pigment prints on cans, silkscreened cardboard storage box
Edition of 40
Dimensions variable

The Cabin of Count Dracula by Marcel Dzama

Marcel Dzama
The Cabin of Count Dracula
, 2005
20 hand-drawn lithographs and 9" colored vinyl record in custom hand-made cabin
Dimensions variable
Edition of 10

In Smog and Thunder by Sandow Birk

Sandow Birk
In Smog and Thunder, 2002
Set of 40 Iris prints, including a colophon and custom-made box
Edition of 50
Dimensions variable

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