2018, we're happy you're here!  While we had some great times, exciting projects, and a lot of fun making, showing and designing projects in 2017, we have to say, we're happy to see its backside.  

To that end, we thank all our loyal fans for weathering what was also a challenging year for all of us.  In gratitude, we'd like to invite you to a live performance of our favorite podcast, the Allusionist, right here in sunny San Francisco.   The show takes place on Friday, January, 12th starting at 10:00PM!  It's a late show! LATE! 10:00PM—reserve those babysitters!

The Allusionist

The first 5 of you to email us by clicking here, will get a pair of tickets each to the show!  Please do a reality check and make sure you want to attend a 10:00 show before emailing in, though!  We'll be there as well and it'll be great to see some friends at the theatre.  If you haven't listened to the show, well, what are you waiting for?  Here's a link to the show's page on iTunes.  

Here's to the light and more fun in 2018!